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Phone: 678-435-5951



To be in the program, applications are accepted and reviewed by My Father's House. Acceptance is granted based on meeting the program criteria. If you or anyone you know might need assistance please contact Marsha Bowen.


The potential client must: 

1. Be highly motivated to begin a life free of the bondage of addictions and destructive lifestyles with the desire to          stay clean, sober, and honest. 

2. Be referred and approved by an approved agency. 

3. Be twenty-five (25) – sixty-five (65) years of age. 

4. Be assessed as medically approved and free of any illness that requires isolation from others. 

5. Be willing to suspend contact with family, friends, and acquaintances while on Level One thirty to sixty (30-60)        days. 

6. Be willing to remain at My Father’s House Program for twelve (12) months. 

7. Be willing to give up all secular reading, music, and TV. 

8. Valid picture I.D. is required to maintain residency in program. 

9. Thirty (30) days of verifiable alcohol and drug abstinence. 

10. No outstanding warrants from any judicial system. 

11. Clients are required to do daily house chores and yard work as needed. 

12. All Clients must disclose all background information including medical, financial income and all governmental        assistance (social security, food stamps, etc.). 

13. Clients will be responsible for all medical and dental expenses. 

14. Have a desire to grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ by attending Church, Celebrate Recovery, and other            Church functions. 

15. Be physically and mentally able to work and begin seeking employment within forty-eight (48) hours of                      admission. 

16. Pay for own lodging fees, court fees, and personals. 

17. Be willing to turn over all earned income which will be used to pay program fees of $250.00 per week and                any/all other expenses that incur. A bi-weekly statement will be given each month. Clients may have no more              than $20.00 in their possession at any given time. 

18. No more than $20.00 personal expense money will be given out each week as requested. 

19. Any money saved upon completion of program will be reimbursed. 

20. Be willing to attend two (2) Celebrate Recovery meetings per week. 

21. Participate in all in house group meetings. 

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